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Resources & Links

This is a list-in-progress of links I use for information, analysis, guidance, and inspiration. I’ve divided it into three categories: news & analysis, organizing resources, and writers & thinkers.

News & Analysis

Developing a practice for “staying informed” is an ongoing process for me. Currently, I follow news with daily summaries from the Daily Beast and Democracy Now!, and more in-depth coverage from the CBC and the Guardian. For Ottawa news and views, I read The Leveller.

For radical analysis, I regularly read The Abolitionist, BriarpatchLux, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, PinkoSalvage, Spectre, and Upping the Anti, and I regularly listen to Against the Grain, Behind the News, BelaboredThe Ex-Worker, The Lit Review, Movement Memos, New Dawn, Talking Radical Radio, Treyf, and Who Makes Cents.

Online, I look to AbolitionCanadian Dimension, Earth First! Newswire, Electronic Intifada, Insurgent Notes, InterfaceIn These Times, It’s Going Down, Jacobin, Labor Notes, n+ 1, The New InquiryNew Socialist, Notes from Below, Organizing Work, Popular Resistance,,, Ricochet, ROAR Magazine, Spring, Socialist Project, three way fight, Viewpoint Magazine, and Waging Nonviolence.

Organizing Resources

In doing activism and organizing, there is no need to reinvent the wheel! For tips on tactics, strategic planning guides, resources for working with power and privilege, help with media messaging, sample workshops and trainings, and much more, I turn to Beautiful Trouble, Build the Wheel, Joshua Kahn Russell’s resources for organizers, Lisa Fithian’s resources and trainings, and the activist toolkit. Each of these sites is a gateway into a wealth of organizing experience and advice that we can use to build smarter and stronger movements.

Writers & Thinkers

Some radical writers and thinkers manage both to tap into and propel our movements. They help us to understand and act. Those who have particularly shaped my thinking include Mumia Abu-Jamal, Ella Baker, Mikhail Bakunin, Himani Bannerji, Murray Bookchin, Kate Bornstein, Noam Chomsky, Combahee River CollectiveEli Clare, Harry Cleaver, Angela Davis, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Max Elbaum, Barbara Epstein, Silvia Federici, Leslie Feinberg, Paulo Freire, David Gilbert, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Emma Goldman, Antonio Gramsci, Matt Hern, John Holloway, bell hooks, George Katsiaficas, L.A. KauffmanRobin Kelley, Gary Kinsman, Winona LaDuke, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Marx, David McNallyMidnight Notes Collective, Maria Mies, Vijay Prashad, Marcus Rediker, Retort Collective, Vandana Shiva, Alexis ShotwellDean SpadeStarhawk, Leo Tolstoy, Harsha WaliaHoward Winant, A.J. Withers, and Howard Zinn.