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#ShutdownWTO20 Organizers’ History Project

Organizing for the mass direct action against the World Trade Organization in Seattle in 1999 was one of the most important experiences of my life. For this reason, I have been delighted to spend the last few months working with some other co-founders of the Direct Action Network on the #ShutdownWTO20 Organizers’ History Project to commemorate and reflect on the 20th anniversary of the protests.

We compiled historical narratives from people who organized locally and regionally. We gathered articles and resources developed by people involved in the direct-action organizing. And we generated new analysis to support our collective efforts to look forward to the next 20 years. We offer this archival site as a humble contribution to remember the work of thousands and thousands of people who made it happen.

This photo is of the Direct Action Network WTO blockade map dividing downtown Seattle into 13 “pie slices” surrounding the Washington Convention & Trade Center.

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